Customer Engagement World (CETW) at Moscone

Just attended Customer Engagement World at the Moscone Convention Center (still going on today 4/28). I wanted to see what was out there from a designer’s point of view for commercial applications re: interactive displays and signage.

Event was smaller than anticipated but overall a great opportunity to see what is available for items like self serve kiosks (pay your parking fees, order food) and large sign boards (for things like menus, airport information boards etc.). For more commercial applications both interactive/dynamic displays as well as informational signage are keys to keeping customers returning and streamlining their transactions. Static displays and less automated services seem antiquated compared to what is now available.

However one of the most useful exhibitors was Edelman (PR firm). I was able to spend some time with a representative and chat about various customer engagement technologies including Titter, Facebook, LinkedIn etc. and how social media is changing the acquisition, interaction with and notification of customers. Finding the right mix of social media for your particular business is still not straight forward and continues to evolve.

For designers and their clients occasional yet noteworthy information flow is probably more useful than static websites or instantaneous Twitter feeds. And Blogs provide a nice balance of information that can be accessed at the client’s convenience.

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