Make It Yourself!





Last week was “San Francisco Design Week” where there were a variety of events and open studios throughout the city. Some friends and I were able to see a handful of studios, reconnect with friends from design school and learn about the available services from Ponoko when they displayed at the TechShop. And luckily enough I won their drawing for a sample kit! It will definitely come in handy for my furniture design course this summer.


Ponoko’s services begin when you upload your design files to their servers. They then fabricate the components from 2D (laser cut material) or 3D (3D printer) materials, package and ship them back to you. From there you assemble and use or sell the end result. A variety of materials and options make it a great way for hobbyists and professionals alike to produce accurate components for projects and products without a full scale shop of your own.

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2 Responses to Make It Yourself!

  1. jose anselmo says:

    Congratulations David!. You should start designing your miniature furniture which I am sure will be a hit!
    I can finally own a Polifko design 🙂

  2. David says:

    Thanks Jose! I think you already own several of my designs 🙂 but I’d be happy to add more to your collection!

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