Natural Inspiration

We’re fortunate here in San Francisco to have more than our fair share of beautiful places that inspire. When I need a quick shot of creative motivation, I usually grab my camera and take some photographs. For the past 9 years, one place I always returned to is the Dahlia Dell in Golden Gate Park which, conveniently, is a short walk from my home. Usually around July and August, this official flower of San Francisco is in full, glorious bloom.

What’s so appealing about dahlias is that they have such a wide color palate and variety of prefect geometric forms.  Nearby the Dell are plants just as interesting including hydrangeas, sempervivum and agapanthus. Each one offers some great opportunities for photos.  Finding just the right blossom, in just the right light, framing and cropping the subject just so, is a quick and creative exercise. The subject is already there and all I have to do is capture it at its best. My only challenge is usually the uncooperative wind. For most shots, I have to hold my breath and wait for the quiet between gusts before I trigger the shutter.

A sampling of nature that inspired me yesterday:

Agapanthus Bud

Hydrangea starting to unfurl

Agapanthus – inspiration for a chandelier?

Sempervivum (although don’t quote me on that…) I call it Hens and Chicks

Semi-cactus version of the Dahlia

Collarette version of the Dahlia

Orchid version of the Dahlia

Another Collarette Dahlia ready to “bee” polinated

An inspiration for lighting – the Ball version of the Dahlia

And finally the Cactus version of the Dahlia

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  1. Jeni Quigg says:

    Wow! Gorgeous pictures! Thank you!

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