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  1. Jeni Quigg says:

    1, 3, & 10 fixed it – thank you!!

  2. David says:

    Welcome! You’d be surprised at how little most people think of lighting. Yet it affects our mood, how we appreciate our surroundings, affects the appearance of our food, makes it easy or difficult to read, clean or even watch TV. Besides paint, improving one’s lighting is the easiest way to make a space better, more inviting and more productive!

  3. Doug says:

    I think tip #5 is a bit flawed. According to my information, an incandescent 100 watt bulb equivalent in a compact fluorescent bulb consumes 23 watts and produces 1674 lumens. Fourteen watts would yield the equivalent of a sixty watt bulb.

    • David says:

      Thanks Doug,
      Unfortunately, there is no particular equivalency in any bulb given the variable of lights (color temp, color rendering index, radiation/emission pattern etc.). There is even difficulty in comparing the usable light, since the fixture and shade, distance at which you measure the light and the reflectivity of the surroundings all influence the outcome. You can measure bulb efficicieny with some degree of accuracy and compare to a degree, but energy efficiency doesn’t tell the whole story.

      Even with CFL (compact Fluorescent Lamp) that look identical, you can have different efficiencies – some might take more energy to produce less light than a better brand lamp which might produce more light with better efficiency. This is usually due to the electronics that operate the bulb and the quality of the coatings inside glass. Even in incandescent lamps, you have different efficiencies as a result of different filaments and glass coatings.

      The numbers I gave reflect average industry numbers. If you find something that operates more efficiently – that’s a plus. But how flattering the light is or how useful it is to me is sometimes more important. I would rather have light that makes tasks, such as reading, easier even if it means using a bit more electricity. I’ll make up the added burden by saving elsewhere in the home. Appreciate the comment-

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