Perhaps there is a New Idea Out There

Many times I’ve been told that there are no new ideas in the world of design (including interiors, art, clothes, music, movies, etc.). I believe there is some truth to this. Designs are continually recycled, slightly tweaked or infinitesimally improved upon.  What we perceive as new has probably been done before and just happens to be what’s fashionable at the moment. I also think this is particularly true for items that are made to conform to or support the shape of the human body. A fashion designer can only take so much liberty with a woman’s dress before comfort, practicality and affordability are exceeded.  And some furniture for example, a chair, must provide a minimum of support and comfort in order to properly function. There is only so much you can do to either to make something really new and fresh.

So it is a sincere and welcome surprise when I see something that is relatively innovative in its material, function or form. One of these recent surprises, shown below, is called the Outline Chair. It was designed by Michael Samoriz of Umbra Design Studio in the Ukraine.  It isn’t clear if this is something that is or will be in production. But given modern materials and methods of fabrication, it could easily be part of your home or office soon enough. 

What I find particularly fascinating about this design are the clean and simple lines that contrast with delicately angular forms. However even with its apparent delicateness, it still conveys substance and durability.  The chairs also have a particular graphic quality to them that vaguely imitates bodily form to the point where you’d almost expect them to walk themselves across a room. If you’d like to see more of his designs, you can find him on (search for Michael Samoriz) or on

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  1. Jeni Quigg says:

    So you’re a life coach as well? After an 18 hour day yesterday with no sleep the night before I was thinking.. am I really offering the world anything new in tea.. is it too late to get SKYTea off the ground.. already been done by enough people. So thanks for the nod of inspiration David.

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