Are You Design Savvy?

1.       When selecting colors do you:

  • a.      Use their given names such as Buttercup, Midnight or Summer Sonata (3)
  • b.      Refer to them as dark orange, bright orange or light orange (1)
  • c.       I let my designer recommend the best ones for me (2)

2.       When buying bed sheets do you:

  • a.      Buy the highest thread count available (3)
  • b.      Buy what looks and feels good at the store (2)
  • c.      New sheets? The ones from college are still working for me (1)

3.       You view accessories in the home as:

  • a.      Something that sits there and needs to be dusted (1)
  • b.      An expression of my personality and style (2)
  • c.       Objects that complete a scene and make my room look high-end (3)

4.       When you see granite countertops in your friends home you think:

  • a.      Granite is so 2000, concrete with embedded relics is now (3)
  • b.      My real estate agent said it is a must-have in every kitchen (1)
  • c.       I take note of stains, chips and scratches (2)

5.       Shopping for furniture is:

  • a.      Mind-numbing and painful. I only go for the Swedish meatballs (1)
  • b.      Part of my weekend routine along with antiquing and wine tasting (3)
  • c.       I buy classics once and enjoy them for life (2)

6.       I always know a designer when I see one because:

  • a.      Of their huge thick round glasses they wear and the occasional bow tie (2)
  • b.      They’re always telling me they’re a designer (1)
  • c.       I’ve seen them all beforeon HGTV, BRAVO and DIY network (3)

7.       The artwork on my walls:

  • a.      Are posters from my favorite movies… from the 80’s (1)
  • b.      Are from the best galleries such as Wyland and Tomas Kinkade(3)
  • c.       Are a mix of my best friend’s and my own kids artwork (2)

8.       My favorite throw is:

  • a.      An Irish wool throw blanket I purchased during my travels (2)
  • b.      Actually my Snuggie or my Forever Lazy (1)
  • c.       A cashmere blanket I snagged on One Kings Lane (3)

9.       On my coffee table is:

  • a.      The last few issues of Architectural Digest (3)
  • b.      A copy of Dwell I borrowed from my dentist’s office (2)
  • c.       Several remotes and an empty cup (1)

10.   Design is:

  • a.      What makes life a bit more enjoyable and interesting (2)
  • b.      Affects very part of my life including fashion, food, my home  and my image (3)
  • c.       Is something I should know more about but don’t (1)


26-30   Design for you is a bit of an obsession almost to the point of gluttony. The best designs are subtle and work in the background and better that we’re not reminded they’re there. Instead of following others, start your own design movement and create something yourself!

18-25   You appreciate design. Even more so, you appreciate good design that is not forced or pretentious. You take note when things are either right or wrong and can discern the difference. Your task is to promote honest design that helps and improves our environment through thoughtful purchases and display.

10-17   Design is not quite your forte. You might aim to make a comfortable space but appearance and style are not on the radar. But all is not lost. Try to take note of your surroundings a bit more and enjoy the thought that almost everything you use, buy or borrow has been designed by someone.

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