Come Celebrate!

It’s finally done! After years of open studio participation and installations of my photos in clients’ projects, I’ve put together my “best of the best” collection and am opening it up to everyone on As a special thanks to my Design Blog readers, I’ve put together a 25% discount coupon (discount code: BLOG25) that you can use as often as you wish over the next 7 days. And feel free to pass it on to your friends!

I’ve also got some exciting new projects that will be added soon and I’ll make sure you get updates and promotions here first. If you have any questions or need products or sizes not shown, feel free to email me.

Thanks! Dave

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2 Responses to Come Celebrate!

  1. David, congratulations on your new venture! I explored some of your new web site; I had no idea you had such incredible photographic skills. I look forward to exploring it more. Getting your photos down to the best 200 – that is a daunting task, as any photographer knows. Bravo!

    • David says:

      Thanks! It was a difficult but enjoyable task – lots of great memories to review while looking back at them all. Although I’d say these are representative of the best – within each category there are still more that I’d like to show. Perhaps in more focused galleries later. But thanks for the kind words! Much appreciated 🙂

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