Pack the car, let’s get on the road!

Tonight I begin teaching my design studio class at UC Berkeley Ext.! My students will have the opportunity to design an entire home from floor to ceiling over the next 15 weeks. In this residential design class, I will teach programming, spatial planning, selecting and specifying residential furnishings and finishes, as well as developing color palettes and selecting appropriate materials.

For this semester, I’ve specifically designed a mid-century modern inspired house and selected Palm Springs as the location.  I’ll be assigning each student one of three different client profiles, one of three different design styles, and one of three color schemes. The variety in these client-specific attributes, as well as the student’s own inspiration should yield a great set of projects.

Shown below is the floor plan I created. I’ve also generated a few renderings (starting with a blank canvas – no lighting, finishes or installations yet) to inspire the students and to introduce the location. For those of you who’d like to take a visit – the proposed plot of land is located at: GOOGLE MAPS

Over the semester, I hope to show some of the progress of the class here on my blog as well as share some of the ideas.

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  1. Adrienne Harris says:

    So when will the construction start for me? 🙂

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