Just Past the Halfway Point!

Spring always seems to be a hectic season – there’s tax preparation, travel planning and adjusting to daylight savings time. And of course for my students, there are mid-term presentations. This past week my design studio class was devoted to mid-term progress presentations.

As you might recall, their semester project was a complete design of a new 4000 sq ft home in Palm Springs, CA. Each student was given one of three different clients, design styles and color schemes. Design styles included traditional, mid-century modern or contemporary. Color scheme options were natural/earthy, bold/eclectic or calming/muted. And clients were a couple with children, retired couples or singles with roommates. I randomly assigned these attributes so that my students wouldn’t default to their preferred styles. Getting them outside their comfort zones and letting them choose the genders of their clients produced some really great results. Here is a sampling of their boards from this past week (After their finals, I’ll post larger sizes as these are only works in progress):

Caught up in the excitement, I decided to spend a few hours and flush out the kitchen and master suite designs myself. When I was a student, I always wanted to see what our teachers would produce from their own assignment. But unfortunately we never saw their work. So as a courtesy to my students, I created some plans and renderings for them to study. Here are a few highlights of my artwork:

There are only seven more weeks until their final presentations: more lectures, more design and more learning ahead.

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