Happy Anniversary to Me

So one year has passed since I ambitiously launched this design blog. My conclusion so far: it is a lot of work!

My original goal was to create this for the benefit of my students, colleagues and for people who love design. My intent was to create unique, design relevant content and not to just repost other’s finds. This self-imposed limitation makes it challenging to post regularly as artistic inspiration has its own ebb and flow. Finding interesting and relevant topics to post, creating the accompanying artwork and honing my point of view all require lots of time and motivation.

Fortunately, anniversaries are a good opportunity for reflection and introspection.  First there’s the hard data: 75 posts in 9 categories or about 1.5 posts per week.  The posts were viewed by people in over 50 countries and over the course of the past year there were many thousands of views (fun tracking statistics courtesy of WordPress). And I have some great regular followers who give interesting commentary and kind words of encouragement.

Aside from the data, my own personal perception is that it has been really fascinating to think that many people read and react to what I write but choose to not interact. In many ways, it is the same with me and the many blogs and sites I visit for information. And even though it is impossible to know each and every reader, the blog itself has been an effective tool for marketing, industry interaction and refining a personal point of view. 

So, as the first year passes I look back fondly and consider how to continue. What new topics, in what format and with what frequency should I post? It’s a great opportunity to be even more creative.

I thank you all and encourage you to return to see what’s next.

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4 Responses to Happy Anniversary to Me

  1. Anonymous says:

    Love the pic! You haven’t changed a bit!

    Always such great info… Thank you.

  2. Congrats, David! Count me in as a fan, you certainly have realized your intention to “create unique, design relevant content” and in a way that also visually reflects your design aesthetic. Bravo!

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