SF – Getting Greener with the SFPUC!

Last week I was fortunate to have been on the very first tour of the new San Francisco Public Utilities Commission Headquarters. Along with two of my friends, we were hoping to see the location of where two of my purchased prints were installed. Unfortunately, only the lobby and one representative floor were open on the tour, as they were still busy installing furniture and finishing touches throughout.  (There should however, be an artist’s reception in July!)

The new building is quite spectacular not only in its visible design, artwork and views, but also in the hidden technologies that make it a LEED-platinum qualifying building. Some of the features include on site storage for 68 bikes, shower facilities, a child care center for up to 60 children, a public lobby café, automated interior lighting and window drapes that adjust to available sunlight, well over 50% reduced water usage per person, 32% less energy use than comparable buildings, smart elevators and several million dollars’ worth of art and art installations. Here are photographs taken during the tour: 

Art Installation: Firefly – 24,000 5 inch plastic squares each with its own LED that in total uses less than 75 watts of energy. They move in response to the air flow on the exterior.

Light reflectors:

Front of building with view of wind turbines:

Close up view of wind turbines:

Digital Arts Wall – person sensing wall displays information based on your proximity.

View of the light reflectors and a spectacular view of the SF Capitol:

Art Installation: Rain Portal

Reflecting ceiling panels to bring light further into the core of the building:

Transparent barriers allow light to flow through:

Smart elevators which take you directly to your destination – no stops:

Some of the representative artwork (David Polifko, Monterey #24):

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    These are awesome photos. Thanks for sharing David.

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