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Guest Lecture at FIDM

Last week I was invited to talk to interior design students at the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising in downtown San Francisco. Furniture design was the subject and topics included construction, defining quality, specifying, selecting and the business of … Continue reading

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Stunning Design by Joseph Walsh

Irish designer Joseph Walsh is a self-taught wood worker and furniture maker that creates sinuous and effortless interpretations of every day pieces. Mirroring the natural responses of water and wind, he transforms wood into graceful forms that bend and mutate … Continue reading

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Designer Chic vs. Contractor Ick

There are many elements in the home that never quite seem to get proper attention from builders or homeowners. HVAC registers and light switches are two prime candidates that needlessly suffer. Typically when a product isn’t specified, contractors often go … Continue reading

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Perhaps there is a New Idea Out There

Many times I’ve been told that there are no new ideas in the world of design (including interiors, art, clothes, music, movies, etc.). I believe there is some truth to this. Designs are continually recycled, slightly tweaked or infinitesimally improved … Continue reading

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Fires Contained

Perhaps the oldest of features you can have in your home is a fireplace. Up to a few hundred years ago, they were the source of heat for interiors and cooking. Now they’re mostly a visual reminder of our connection … Continue reading

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