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Designer Chic vs. Contractor Ick

There are many elements in the home that never quite seem to get proper attention from builders or homeowners. HVAC registers and light switches are two prime candidates that needlessly suffer. Typically when a product isn’t specified, contractors often go … Continue reading

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Making Life Easier Through Thoughtful Design

I’m always astonished when I find a tool to help me with my design process that is both free and extremely powerful.  The most recent of these is called GuideGuide. I recently stumbled upon this useful Photoshop extension and immediately … Continue reading

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Looks Good on Paper, Not So Much in Real Life

I’m a very visually oriented person who loves to collect books and magazines for knowledge, inspiration and perhaps simply just to collect. With the discount rates for most magazines being particularly attractive, I unfortunately tend to amass way too many … Continue reading

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How Smart is Your Glass?

When it comes to windows we usually want them to block the elements and hope that someone else will wash them. There are the usual choices of vinyl, wood and aluminum – double or triple pane – low “e” and gas … Continue reading

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More Leather for Your Feet (Flooring not Shoes)

One of the most overlooked materials for flooring has to be leather. Wood, tile, linoleum and carpet are the typical products underneath us and our furniture. And although leather is never far from most of our feet, we tend not to … Continue reading

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Shedding Light on the Right Bulb Choice

E26 Standard/Medium Edison Screw Base Lamps I think light is the most overlooked and misunderstood aspect of interior design. Notice I didn’t say “lighting”, which is more about the fixture or luminaire (layman’s term: lamp) and the lamp (layman’s term: … Continue reading

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There Must be an APP for This

The Japanese have officially been dethroned in the commode competition. Kohler (American) has raised the lid on prices, design and functionality with their new Numi (or K-3900-0 model if you need to order) for $6390. Toto’s (Japanese) tired old Neorest … Continue reading

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